Treatment as it is

In spite of the fact that most measures for hemorrhoid prevention can be taken by any person, sometimes radical steps should be taken. They include surgery and different medications.

Pills and other medications

If you don’t suffer much from hemorrhoids and feel just slight discomfort, the doctor can prescribe you creams that should be applied over the counter so as suppositories and pads for deleting the pain and itching. The ingredients in the contents temporarily relieve pain and work like painkillers on some certain areas. Remember that such products mustn’t be used longer that for a week unless another scheme is prescribed by the doctor. Advice him how to use the cream and for how long. The reason of this is side effects including skin reactions from inflammations to skin rash.

Invasive procedures

In cases when blood clots are formed within the hemorrhoids of external nature, the doctor can decide to remove it. The incision is simple though provides prompt relief at once.

There are also another invasive procedures which are as a rule prescribed in cases when the disease becomes painful and the patient needs an immediate treatment. These procedures can be easily carried out in the doctor’s office or in other medical centers.

Rubber band ligation

This is an old but still very effective procedure. The tiny band is usually placed around the hemorrhoids so the circulation stops. As a result, the hemorrhoids becomes white and falls off without any other treatment. This can happen in a week or so. This kind of treatment is effective for lots of people but is uncomfortable and in some cases causes bleeding. It starts in three days after the procedure and is not severe or life threatening.

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Coagulation of any kind. For the procedure laser, heat or infrared light is used. This kind of treatment causes little bleeding. As a result even internal hemorrhoids shrivel and become hard. It also has some side effects and sometimes after the treatment the problem returns back. After the rubber band treatment it happens much more less often.

Surgery itself

It is generally prescribed when other kinds of the treatment were not effective of if the person suffers from large painful hemorrhoids. Sometimes it’s needed to stay in hospital for some time and sometimes the surgery is performed on outpatient basis.

There are different types of surgery:

treatment hemorrhoidRemoval of hemorrhoids or hemorrhoidectomy. The excessive tissue is removed during the procedure. The fact is the tissue, causing bleeding. The techniques also vary from certain case – it can be performed with a local anesthetic, a spinal anesthetic or even general anesthetic if the situation requires it and if the patient wishes. It is considered to be the best and the most effective treatment for difficult cases, severe hemorrhoids and so on. The complications after the surgery are connected with difficulties during emptying the bladder which causes infections and inflammations. Also the procedure is painful itself and even performed with general anesthetic it is the reason of pain after everything is done. In this case medications are prescribed and warm bath soaking can be of great help.

Stapling or stapled hemorrhoidectomy. During the procedure the blood flow the tissue of hemorrhoids is blocked . This kind of surgery causes much less pain comparing to hemorrhoidectomy and allows to return back to normal life quicker. But in comparison with previous measure this one has more risks and after the surgery the disease can occur again. Moreover a rectal prolapse can also appear. In this state a part of the rectum goes from the anus. The decision about the procedure and its type must be taken only with the doctor.

The treatment of hemorrhoids is hard even with pills. You should have not just time but also patience and keep in mind that treatment doesn’t work the same way for any person. The very important part is correct diagnosis. Don’t do anything yourself. If you suspect that you have this disease, first see the doctor and have a consultation.