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Side effects: you should know about them

Anal itching, being one of the most common symptoms, is instigated by the inflamed skin of the anus which is triggered by hemorrhoids. Wiping and other interactions damage the tissues further and chronic dermatitis appears after a while. Overuse of some creams can cause the same kind of damage and persistent cyclic anal itching can… Read More »

How to live with it

If you are already frightened by hemorrhoids, so you shouldn’t be. There are some stages for preventing pain and the disease itself. Actually, hemorrhoids is a normal part of our anatomy and a normal part of our life. The doctor Steven Kussin, MD, says that hemorrhoids is just part of the anatomy and any person… Read More »


There are lots of the tests mentioned for hemorrhoid diagnosis in different sources. They are: Anoscopy Physical examination Colonoscopy and proctoscopy Digital examination Sigmoidoscopy Diagnosis and evaluation by the doctor must be done if the rectal bleeding lasts more than a couple of days of if the blood in the stool appears again and again.… Read More »

What are the causes

People, suffering from hemorrhoids, always ask one simple question – what causes such a condition? In fact there are lots of factors, leading to this state. For example: Constipation is the top reason, why hemorrhoids occur. Why is this happen? The fact is when you constipate for bowel movements, it causes a lot of pressure… Read More »

Signs and symptoms

The symptoms are different but there are some essential ones that should be mentioned: bleeding during defecation bleeding from anus itching in the area swelling lump mucus discharge (not common) feeling of fullness feeling as if the defecation was not finished severe pain in anal canal Let’s work out with some of the symptoms listed… Read More »


Hemorrhoids are placed within the anal canal. In their normal state they have and successfully perform some functions without which the body can’t work properly and a human will start suffer very soon. They bend with our movements so the annal canal stays flexible for enduring different activities – jumping, running and so on. Hemorrhoidal… Read More »

Hemorrhoids: history and epidemiology

Hemorrhoids are vascular structures, appearing in the anal canal of the human. When they are I their normal condition, these structures help with the control of stool. If they are swollen, inflamed or so on, they turn into disease. To mean this disease the word “hemorrhoid” is used by the patients themselves and by the doctors.… Read More »