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hemorrhoids-lastHemorrhoids are placed within the anal canal. In their normal state they have and successfully perform some functions without which the body can’t work properly and a human will start suffer very soon. They bend with our movements so the annal canal stays flexible for enduring different activities – jumping, running and so on. Hemorrhoidal cushions also work as “pressure pads” and give our brains a signal when it’s time to go to the WC. Another their function is protection of tissues and muscles which surround anal canal from different type of damage including everyday one which would occur because of bowel movements. The blood vessels of the hemorrhoidal cushions perfectly expand and contract, so as fill the tissue with blood and drain it back. It depends on the needs of the body in each certain moment.

If one of the veins in the hemorrhoid cushion swells too much and can’t retract, internal hemorrhoids occur. So the rest of the system retracts but this particular vein is still swollen. It leads to its stacking out from the cushion surface. Of course this vein drags the tissues around with it and the patient has internal hemorrhoids. It is a common situation so a lot of people live with it without knowing about this little problem so as it doesn’t cause problems.

Internal hemorrhoids: grades and classification

Classification hemorrhoidGrade One: causes bleeding and itching without protruding from anus

Grade Two: the beginning of hemorrhoidal prolapse. Protrude from anus during defication, retracting back.

Grade Three: inflames easily, causes bleeding because protrudes from the anus during the defecation and don’t go back without annual help.

Grade Four: are out of the body all the time, slip out even if pushed back on their own quickly. Should be seen by the doctor because this type bleeds often and inflames being open to infections. It sometimes develop a blood clot called thrombosis.

External hemorrhoids: specifications

They are situated not inside but outside so don’t emerge from hemorrhoidal cushions. They appear from veins, running from cuchons to the area around anus and the anal sphincter.

This set of veins have U-form and the pressure on them is the same as on those connected to the cushions. But these veins were not constructed for extending and contracting, this kind of disease is much less common.

It should be mentioned that thrombosis either occur in bot kinds of hemorrhoids.

Any blood clot turns into thrombosed hemorrhoid and it doesn’t matter where it is located and what its origin is. It hurts much because of inflammations and must be seen by the doctor e.g. leads to complications if not cured.

If someone suffers from this disease, he should read this and become familiar with terminology. It will make communication with the doctor easier and lead to life without hemorrhoids.


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