By | September 18, 2016

There are lots of the tests mentioned for hemorrhoid diagnosis in different sources. They are:

  • Anoscopy
  • Physical examination
  • Colonoscopy and proctoscopy
  • Digital examination
  • Sigmoidoscopy

diagnosis hemorrhoidDiagnosis and evaluation by the doctor must be done if the rectal bleeding lasts more than a couple of days of if the blood in the stool appears again and again. Bleeding is often a symptom of another illnesses but hemorrhoids, the most threatening among them is cancer.

The anus with the rectum will be examined and the doctor will look for blood vessels tat are swollen. They indicate the presence of hemorrhoids. A digital rectal examination with a gloved finger for finding abnormalities is also recommended and performed.

The evaluation also requires anoscopy, the procedure done with lighted tube for examining internal hemorrhoids or a proctoscopy which is used for better examining the rectum in a whole.

The causes of gastrointestinal bleeding are very numerous so they should be defined and some serious cases ruled out too. For this the rectum can be examined along with sigmoid or even together with the colon itself. The procedure is called colonoscopy. These two procedures are conducted with lighted, flexible tubes which are put into the rectum.







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