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By | September 18, 2016

If you are already frightened by hemorrhoids, so you shouldn’t be. There are some stages for preventing pain and the disease itself.

Actually, hemorrhoids is a normal part of our anatomy and a normal part of our life. The doctor Steven Kussin, MD, says that hemorrhoids is just part of the anatomy and any person have them.

This part of anatomy causes problems when starts itching, become painful and start bleeding. There are some ways to prevent inflamations and difficulties that can be done almost every day.

  1. Consume fiber

vitaminsThis illness occur mostly when a person has rare bowel movements and irregular stool with problems. Natural and easy way to make them more regular is to consume more fiber. It comes from fruits and vegetables or can be taken from supplements. Doctors recommend to add more fiber in the diet because it is a cheap and easy way to improve your health, make the bowel movements more frequent and so on. The amount of fiber to be consumed is up to 30 grams a day. There’s a lot of fiber in such products:

  • vegetables and fruits – peas, beans and so on;
  • grains but just the whole ones, for example bran flakes, barley etc.;
  • green vegetables – green peas, broccoli;
  • fruits – pears, bananas, apples.
  1. Work with your water balance

No matter how easy and cheap the preventing strategy is, the sad true is barely half of people, who knows about it, actually do something. Healthy bowel movements depend not just on fiber-full diet but on hydration as well. Good water balance is the key to health and it is one of the key points in hemorrhoids preventing strategy. Enough water daily helps to avoid constipation so straining decreases, as Richard Desi, MD, says. Drinking a proper amount of water, not less four glasses a day, have a positive impact on all your body, not just helping your digestive system to work well.

  1. Exercises is above all

Dr. Desi also says that hemorrhoids and exercises are not combined at all. Thanks to exercises, the colon is kept more regular. But the activities, connected with lifting weight and as a result leading to an additional pressure on the abdomen can on the contrary lead to the hemorrhoid formation and inflammation. Physical activities make you to spend more time not sitting, so the time when your rectum suffers from pressure decreases. If you are affected by the disease, try to avoid lifting and other activities and pay attention to easier things which don’t cause pressure – yoga, walking and so on. They will give all the amount of activities needed but without increasing the risk of hemorrhoids inflammation.

  1. Be Careful: Laxatives can be dangerous

bolIf you often have constipation, some pills and capsules can be helpful, making the stool and the movements more frequent. Anyway, laxatives can not just help but also make a lot of harm if you have chosen wrong ones or if you decided to take them without the doctor’s permission. In general, the safest laxatives are considered those which don’t stimulate normal activities or in a way simulate them. They should have an affect on the body itself. Those which work by simulating the correct wast going out often give additional pressure on the veins and muscles so the symptoms of the disease show on again. Osmotic laxatives are the best ones if the hemorrhoid is active or if you want to prevent it. They work by increasing the actual amount of water, deleting constipation.

  1. Obey the nature

If you feel that you have to go, do it without waiting. It is simple but effective way to prevent hemorrhoids. Obey your body if it says something to you and the amount of problems will decrease. Some people think they are smarter than their body and the nature so they have lots of problems after a while. If you have to go to the toilet, do it. Waiting causes severe straining then and additional pressure on the anus area. So here we go to the last point.

  1. Avoid straining

Straining puts pressure, additional and not needed one on the anus area and the rectum. It leads to painful, bleeding hemorrhoids and other symptoms. Sometimes the same happens when one pushes too hard in the toiled for having the bowel movements more intensive. Straining also occurs when we lift heavy things up, when we have tension in the muscles during the cough or pregnancy. So, avoid straining whenever you can and be healthy without hemorrhoids.

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