Side effects: you should know about them

By | September 18, 2016

Anal itching, being one of the most common symptoms, is instigated by the inflamed skin of the anus which is triggered by hemorrhoids. Wiping and other interactions damage the tissues further and chronic dermatitis appears after a while. Overuse of some creams can cause the same kind of damage and persistent cyclic anal itching can occur as a result.


Thrombosed external hemorrhoid appears when a blood clot forms inside the hemorrhoid. This condition needs an immediate treatment and sugery for the blood clot removing.

Anemia. Rare side effect, caused by the constant blood loss. The iron deficiency anemia because of hemorrhoids and connected bleeding is rare but severe condition due to which the hemoglobin falls to 5 or 6.

Strangulated hemorrhoids, leading to the painful anal spasm . It cuts off the circulation of blood to internal hemorrhoids. As a result the swelling enlarges and it all happens again and again. This condition also causes severe pain and itself leads to the death of the cells.



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