Signs and symptoms

By | September 18, 2016

The symptoms are different but there are some essential ones that should be mentioned:


  • bleeding during defecation
  • bleeding from anus
  • itching in the area
  • swelling
  • lump
  • mucus discharge (not common)
  • feeling of fullness
  • feeling as if the defecation was not finished
  • severe pain in anal canal

Let’s work out with some of the symptoms listed above

  1. Bleeding during defecation is a potentially critical condition while there are signs of blood in feces or during bowl movements. This condition is sometimes called melena or simply bloody stool. In some cases may be a sign of internal bleeding not connected with hemorrhoids. It goes sometimes with slight bleeding from rectum. Generally blood in stool doesn’t always mean hemorrhoids. It can be a symptom of another diseases such as diverticula, inflamations, peptic ulcer and even cancer. So bleeding can not just be a symptom of rather nasty but not very serious and mild disease but also point to life-threatening conditions. Blood can appear in lots of forms. It can be drops mixed with stool or even hints of blood on the toilet paper. Sometimes it’s possible to observe blood clots along with blood in general. Another variant of blood in the stool is different color of feces. So it can be maroon or blackish. This condition is called fecal occult blood and in case of this symptom one must immediately be seen by the doctor for preventing severe conditions.
  2. Rectal bleeding – condition when the rectum bleeds and the blood goes along with feces. It can be a sign of some severe conditions and not just hemorrhoids. Among the possible conditions are different inflamations, diverticula, colorectal cancer and anal fissures and so on. It can be not just a sign of a mild state of health but also can accompany life-threatening conditions so the patient must be seen by the doctor. This condition appears in plenty of forms among them – the blood mixed with stool, tracks of blood on the paper. The blood can appear not just because of bowel movements, but even without them. Rectal bleeding itself cam go with blood clots. There’s an another type of rectal bleeding is dark, almost black blood that goes with the stool or is often mixed with it. As a result the stool becomes dark, even maroon sometimes because of the blood in it. Sometimes an occult rectal blood appears. It is blood, appearing in very small amount and the blood is not seen by eye.

The statistics says that this illness is considered to be one of the main if not main reason and explanation of rectal pains and different complaints. People often complain at such symptoms as:

  • bleeding from anus without any pain;
  • slight itching in the area;
  • pain of different intensity;
  • swelling;
  • feeling of uncompleted stool.

Anyway, no matter when and how rectal bleeding and blood in the stool appears, this condition is not normal. It should be seen by the doctor for checking out if there’s no different life-threatening conditions. In some cases an emergency help should be seen immediately. It is very important point if the patient takes different pills for blood thinning.


The inflammation of the internal hemorrhoids causes swelling which is not painful itself. The fact is there’s no pain fibers around that are attached to the veins, situated higher than a pectinate line. The thing that can cause pain is passing hard stool, scraping veins and so on, so bleeding without pain can also be present. The swollen often causes spasms of the muscles, surrounding the rectum. If the clots appear, they can cause thrombus which, in turn, causes pain.

When the hemorrhoids inflames, it leaks mucus which, in turn causing severe inflammation of the surrounding skin. This all leads to mucus leaking also casing inflammations of the areas around the anus including not just skin. As a result, the patient feels itching and the area starts burning. This all is called pruritus ani. But the reason of itching is not always hemorrhoids. It can also be pinworms or infections. The most important thing is that any kind of bleeding mustn’t be ignored because it can be a symptom of cancer, especially if the blood occurs in the stool.

Because of the fact that external hemorrhoids are covered with skin and have pain fibers, they behave another way than internal do. In fact these pain fibers are associated with the hemorrhoids itself. This kind of hemorrhoids occur in the situation when the vein goes off the clot and causes severe pain because of quick stretching of the surrounding skin which covers hemorrhoids, so a painful and hard lump stays at the anus. This type of illness is the cause of skin tags which stay in the anus area. They cause some difficulties after the toilet because it’s hard to clean them completely and moreover they cause infections because of that.

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