What are the causes

By | September 18, 2016

People, suffering from hemorrhoids, always ask one simple question – what causes such a condition?

In fact there are lots of factors, leading to this state. For example:

Constipation is the top reason, why hemorrhoids occur. Why is this happen? The fact is when you constipate for bowel movements, it causes a lot of pressure on the rectum and surrounding seas. So if you have problems with the stool and constipate a lot day by day, this can lead to hemorrhoids.

Age changes. As people age their muscles become not so tight as they were in other days and the days of their youth. Sedentary lifestyle, age factor and genetics make people a breeding for disease development.

Half of the population will be affected by hemorrhoids and the time of the disease appearing is mostly the age of 50. The only possible way to avoid it is to be active, to stay active as long as possible, exercise and eat healthy food so you can avoid being affected by this problem in future.

hemorrhoids-s7-photo-of-uncomfortable-sitting-womanLong Sitting. If you are in a sitting position for a long time, be ready to discover hemorrhoids after a certain amount of time. Today it is a disease of the office workers and people with desk job. They as a rule sit all the day long without exercising.

Sometimes people wonder, what can save them from hemorrhoids if they do have desk job. The answer is simple – little breaks and stretching every hour cut the chances of the disease development. If in addition the person do running or so on, he can be calm, safe and sound.

It’s also possible to place a cushion on the chair which will decrease the pressure on the rectum which comes during the sitting.

Of course to stand and stretch can be a bit of painful and the pain in the butt can also occur but anyway it is much less painful than inflamed hemorrhoids so the prevention movements are worth doing them.

Pregnancy is not the main reason of hemorrhoids appearance but because of the fact that a mother gains more weight, the pressure on the rectum increases. So the hemorrhoid during the pregnancy often occur just because of this condition itself.

iLifting Heavy Things. Because of the strain that people, working with heavy lifting, give their bodies, they can find out a painful clots after a while.

No matter what caused hemorrhoids for the first type and what the risks are, the only way to reduce chances of being affected in future or reduce risks of inflammations the next time , preventive measures must be taken and they start with healthy and active lifestyle.

Nowadays the best treatment in sot surgery and so on but active lifestyle including good nutrition, healthy, high-fiber food, drinking a lot of water for flushing the toxins. Another measures are avoiding any strain in the toilet, not sitting there for too long and avoiding lifting heavy things. If your job requires sitting, do breaks at least once in an hour and try to do some exercises during you are having the rest.


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